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myWindoor.one is a synonym of quality, professionalism and courtesy. Our Brand was born from a really close group of Italian professionals in the field of doors and windows for over 20 years. Thanks to a really close and above all very passionate staff, we are available to all individuals and to companies to offer them traditional and innovative solutions. Solutions that, in any case, will guarantee total peace of mind.

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Thermofibre, fixtures from the future

Discover the new windows, sliding doors and thermofiber doors

New resistant

thermal and economic fixtures.

Thermal reinforcement of the profile and the resistance of the fiber, here is the Thermofibre.

Thermofibre Technology is the future. Termofibra is the innovative structure of our windows, doors and sliding doors. The structure is composed of the frame profile that improves the thermal performance and from the glass fiber that guarantees a resistance of the profile.

Glass fiber which is positioned inside the profile of the fixtures, and it allows the complete removal of the steel reinforcement.

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Why choose our technology?


The incredible strength of the glass fiber allows the removal of the steel which at the end gains less weight.


The Termofibra fixtures have a higher thermal resistance thanks to the insulating strength of the glass fiber.


Thanks to an excellent coating, it guarantees a total protection against the atmospheric agents of all kinds.


The Termofibra fixtures are in fact more resistant than traditional PVC thanks to the glass fiber.

Let your imagination run wild.

One of the best quality of the fixtures in Termofibra is undoubtedly the greatest brightness guaranteed by the thinner profiles. Thinner profiles thanks to the greater resistance of glass fiber compared to the larger profile of standard structures.

We invite you to discover the innovative Agio Line. It presents an innovative sliding system with independent folding doors. This guarantees a total opening of a fixture of several meters without any obstacle.

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